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Owner Builder Construction Loans

Construction to Perm, Owner Builder with License.
If you are a licensed contractor in the home building
business such as an electrician, plumber, framer,
etc most of our best lenders/banks provide construction to perm
loans for 30 year fixed, 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 ARM's.

The home that you are building will need to be your primary new
home and to qualify as owner builder you must provide references
and trade references.
Construction to Perm, Owner Builder with Supervisor.

This construction to perm construction loan allows you to qualify as
owner builder if you hire a licensed contractor as your supervisor on
your new home. Our best lenders/banks provide construction to perm
loans for 30 year fixed, 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 ARM's.

Construction Loan, Owner Builder, 6 to 9 Month, Credit Score 580 or
This construction only loan allows you to be owner builder with credit
scores of 580 or higher. This no doc construction loan requires that
you have at least 15% cash equity in the project with loan amounts of
$600,000 or higher.

The above loans are available for qualifying as full documentation,
stated income, no ratio and reduced documentation. Call for details
CITI Prime Group offers loan placement  to finance the
construction of office, retail, multi-family, or industrial
properties. A commercial construction loan allows you to
borrow money to pay your builder as needed for the duration of
the construction term
(typically 6 to 36 months). Interest
accrues only on the outstanding balance and can be paid
monthly or at maturity.

In order to protect you, the borrower, as well as the lender from
any potential title problems, it is important that you arrange
your construction financing before you begin construction. It is
also customary that you obtain approval for your long-term
permanent financing before you begin construction. can provide both construction and
long-term financing. This one-stop shop will save you time and
money and provide a smooth transition from construction to
long-term financing.

Complete just one application.

Save on closing costs.

Relax knowing that your financing has been per-arranged to
your satisfaction before construction begins.

Contact an  loan expert at (800 928-6154  
to help you develop a financing plan customized to fit your
individual situation.
We can secure finance for commercial real estate
: $250,000 to $100 Million or more....

NO OBLIGATION! To gain immediate access to commercial real estate financing,
fill in the short form below. Get a same-day response from our professional,
experienced staff. We can deliver term sheets within 48 hours and closings in as
little as 45 days. With our broad access to capital markets, creative underwriting
and excellent pricing, we can make your commercial real estate project happen
quickly and affordably.

Tell us about your commercial property financing needs below.
             AQUISITION AND              

Const to Perm   from : 500k to $500
MillionCommercial, Buildings,
NATIONWIDE. call for details.
36-48 Months Reserve Account.

Hard Money              to 50% LTC
Private Lender         to 60% LTC
Bank                          to 75% LTC
Investment Bankers to 80%  LTC
Correspondent         to 60%  LTC
Hedge Funds            to90%   LTC
Mortgage Banker     to 60%  LTC
Joint Venture            to 100% LTC

Up to 90% CLTV available with Seller

*LTC: Loan to Cost
*ARV: After Repair Value or Finish Value

Better LTC and LTV with Entitlements in place
Resumes' and Current Financial Statements

Pre-sales and LOIs may be required

A great Exit Plan is very helpful

Typical Commercial Construction Financing Terms Note:
These are not terms of any specific lender. They represent terms that
we frequently see in the marketplace and are not to be relied on as a
commitment to provide any specific terms for any specific deal.

Maximum loan to cost:  60% to 75%

Maximum loan to value:  70% to 80% of completed value
Term: Generally 1 to 2 years with extensions as necessary

Amortization: Interest only

Typical Rates: Prime plus 0.5% to 2.0% or LIBOR plus 3.0% to 4.0%  

Prepayment terms: No prepayment penalty - but these loans often
have a 1% exit fee if permanent loan is not done with same lender

Projects: All commercial property types can be financed. Developer
and contractor must have experience at this type and scale of

Recourse: Typically recourse. a few lenders offer non-recourse
construction financing for larger loans.

Closing costs: Borrowers are responsible for all due diligence and
closings costs (e.g. Appraisal, Phase 1 Environmental, site inspection,
title, etc)

Loans under $3M - costs range from $6,000 to $12,000

For loans over $3M - costs can be $20,000 or more

Most construction lenders also charge a 1% loan fee.  
Lite doc -Loan Program
Restricted-Please call
Spec Loans:
short for a "speculative" loan.
Spec loans provide financing for investors
and builders to build homes that they intend
to sell upon the completion of construction.
Like most commercial loans, they are asset
based and do not depend upon credit scores
or debt to income ratios. Instead, they are
based upon the experience of the builder, the
marketing plan and submission of income
documentation establishing that the
borrower's business is profitable.
Citi Prime Group has funding sources who make
loans using raw land as collateral. Contact us
today about that land loan that everyone else has
turned down.
Call a Loan Specialist today 1-800-928-6154

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