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Citi Prime Group offers a variety of products that can be
customized to fit every client’s needs.

Our products include:


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Conventional Loans
Small Business Administration Loans
HUD Loans  

Conventional Loans

This would be for properties such as: Apartment complexes, office
buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, mini-storage, hotels and
many other types of quality properties.

Borrowers of Grade “A” loans who wish to purchase a property
should have at least the standard 10%-30% down payment in order
to qualify for a 70-90% LTV loan. Additionally, the property income
should be fully verifiable through our review of the SELLER’S tax
returns for the previous 2 years. Additionally, the loan amount and
payments should fit a 1.15 to 1.50 debt service coverage ratio
depending on the property type.

Typical interest rates will then range between 6-10% on an
adjustable or fixed basis with amortization terms between 20 and 30
years. On Grade “A” refinances, the maximum LTV can be as high as
90% when the borrower is just refinancing their existing mortgages,
or 75% if they are seeking a cash out mortgage. With this type of loan
we are typically competing directly with local and national banks.
Thus the profits are slim.

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SBA Loans (Small Business Administration) and SBA Look-a-Like
iti Prime Group uses this lending program on many loans. SBA
loans are perfect for many borrowers and their situations. SBA loans
are only for commercial real estate properties where the borrower will
owner-occupy at least 51% of square footage of the building. We also
have what is called an SBA Look-a-Like program that has more
aggressive parameters whereby the property only needs to be 20%
owner-occupied. The remaining building square footage can be
leased to tenants for additional income.

Thus, an owner-occupied restaurant or owner-occupied dry cleaners
are properties that would qualify. Conversely a multi-tenant strip mall
or a multi-tenant office building where the borrower is not occupying
at least 20% of the space, would not qualify.

SBA loans can be used for property acquisitions, expansions, or rate
& term refinances. Typically, SBA rates are adjustable and tied to the
Prime rate. The most common SBA interest rate is prime + 2.75%
over a 20 to 25 year amortization with no balloon. The maximum LTV
on an SBA loan is 90% with a 10% down payment. However, some
property types or loan sizes will not qualify for 90% LTV, in which case
the borrower may need a 20-30% down payment. One of the major
strengths of an SBA loan is that we can use the borrower’s future
income projections when we underwrite the loan. This allows a
borrower to buy a property that has a weaker historical income and
turn it around. Commercial loans take 30-90 days. However, in some
hard money circumstances a loan can close in less than 30 days.

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HUD Loans

Citi Prime Group has special programs to allow you to close Grade
“A” apartment complexes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities
and mobile home parks at some incredible terms. By giving us your
leads on these types of properties, when the loan amount is greater
than $1,000,000, we can turn them into closed files, translating into
more commissions for your company. We can offer these special
loans through a government assisted HUD (Housing and Urban
Development) loan program. Although there is plenty of government
red tape that has to be dealt with, the end result of a closed loan will
be extremely beneficial to the borrower as well as profitable to you.

Please note: C
iti Prime Group makes loans for as little as $200,000
and can do so on apartment complexes, nursing homes, assisted
living facilities, and mobile home parks, as well as dozens of other
property types. However, the terms on loans between $200,000 and
$1,000,000 and other loans outside of this government assisted
program, although possibly favorable, will be significantly different
from what are listed on this page.

The program provides capital to apartment complexes, nursing
homes, assisted living facilities, and mobile home parks for new
construction and rehabilitation as well as purchasing and
refinancing. All you have to do is fax us a completed Apartment and
Nursing Home Loan Application and gather some documents and
we will do the rest.  


• All types of Real Estate
• From $150,000 to $2 million
• Terms of up to 2 years
• Fast response
• Costly appraisals may not be necessary
• Interest only payments


• For companies with monthly receivables between $25,000 to $5  
• Advance rates are available up to 85 percent
• Quick access to cash
• Access can perform credit analysis, mailing and collections for the  
• Internet reporting

Clients that have benefited from C
iti Prime Group factoring solutions
have included those in the toy and apparel industries, hardware and
software manufacturers, oil and fuel distributors, personnel and
temporary placement agencies. Our factoring/purchase of accounts
receivable products are flexible and can be customized to meet the
specific needs of the client.

Who Do We Finance?

Our products and services are
designed to accommodate businesses
in a diverse number of industries. Our
financing products can assist clients
over seasonal periods or difficult
economic cycles, enabling them to
strengthen their financial position or
continue to grow their business.

From start-ups to seasoned
companies seeking additional funds for
expansion, acquisitions or turnarounds,
we are committed to providing timely
and efficient financing solutions.

Citi Prime Group  treats each client
with the utmost professionalism and
attention and we work hard to gain
our client's confidence.
Our ultimate
goal is to assist businesses in
rebuilding the financial strength
necessary to provide the bridge to
traditional bank financing.

Clients include companies that are
start-ups, absorbing acquisitions, or
are experiencing:

• Rapid Growth/Sales
• High leverage
• Operating Losses
• Minimal or Deficit Net worth
• Turnaround or Bankruptcy
• Tax Problems
• Blemished Credit History  
Working Capital Loans
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