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Real Estate Line of Credit

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Cohen Commercial Equity offers a variety of products that
can be customized to fit every client’s needs.

Our products include:


• From $100,000 to $10 million
• Advance Rates up to 85% on Receivables and 50% on
• Secured by Accounts Receivable, Inventory or Real Estate
• Flexibility – Client draws on line of credit when necessary
• Internet reporting

We offer funding solutions to clients in a variety of industries, such as
service companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and


• All types of Real Estate
• From $150,000 to $2 million
• Terms of up to 2 years
• Fast response
• Costly appraisals may not be necessary
• Interest only payments


• For companies with monthly receivables between $25,000 to $5  
• Advance rates are available up to 85 percent
• Quick access to cash
• Access can perform credit analysis, mailing and collections for the  
• Internet reporting

Clients that have benefited from Cohen Commercial Equity' factoring
solutions have included those in the toy and apparel industries,
hardware and software manufacturers, oil and fuel distributors,
personnel and temporary placement agencies. Our
factoring/purchase of accounts receivable products are flexible and
can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client.
Who Do We Finance?

Our products and services are
designed to accommodate businesses
in a diverse number of industries. Our
financing products can assist clients
over seasonal periods or difficult
economic cycles, enabling them to
strengthen their financial position or
continue to grow their business.

From start-ups to seasoned
companies seeking additional funds for
expansion, acquisitions or turnarounds,
we are committed to providing timely
and efficient financing solutions.

Cohen Commercial Equity  treats each
client with the utmost professionalism
and attention and we work hard to
gain our client's confidence.
ultimate goal is to assist businesses in
rebuilding the financial strength
necessary to provide the bridge to
traditional bank financing.

Clients include companies that are
start-ups, absorbing acquisitions, or
are experiencing:

• Rapid Growth/Sales
• High leverage
• Operating Losses
• Minimal or Deficit Net worth
• Turnaround or Bankruptcy
• Tax Problems
• Blemished Credit History  
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