Joint Venture and Preferred Equity:

Cohen Commercial Equity invests joint venture equity, with qualified commercial property owners in transactions
where there is a significant opportunity for value and/or cash flow enhancement. After return of equity and
minimum preferred return thereon, additional profits will be distributed in accordance with an agreed waterfall
structure and developer "promote." Alternatively, where the owner prefers to limit Joint Venture’s participation in
the upside, a preferred equity structure can be used whereby Joint Venture receives a higher preferred return in
exchange for a limited profit participation. Program funding start at $3,000,000 to $500,000,000 and all property
types welcomed. This is not a loan. There are no interest payments. This is a cash equity investment up to 100%
of the funds you need in exchange generally for a 34% equity interest

Cohen Commercial Equity Joint Venture program offers called the “CD PROGRAM”,
is an established system of financing that uses traditional banking mechanisms as
its fundamental components. The result is a stable structure that procures 100%
monetary instrument collateral for project financing. Using a well calculated and
balanced approach, the program provides highly competitive benefits and profits
to all participants.
A CD/MTN (Certificate of Deposit/ Medium Term Note) is merely a financial instrument
that is backed by cash, and is freely transferable. The general structure of using the
CD/MTN as a collateral instrument has existed for 50 years.

Client must contribute 10% of the Loan Funding Amount. The 10% is placed in a
BLOCK CD Account. Proof of funds are required prior to engaging the program.
Client must agree to Cohen Commercial Equity retainer fees and attorney Legal
fees. This 10% Contribution will ensure our Investor will contribute 100% of the
required Loan Amount.

Naturally, there are many firms and brokers who have used or attempted to use
CD/MTN instruments as collateral in one way or another.          
Some professional firms have been successful, but many inexperienced intermediary
brokers have failed. The Cohen Commercial Equity Team has been one of the
successful ones.

"The “Program” itself is a mechanism of structuring third party collateral into the loan or funding package for
project financing. Since this structure must be implemented through a series of complex legal contracts
between multiple participants in the transaction, the CD/MTN Program must be managed by a licensed law firm.
The fee to prepare the requested documents is $15,500.00 payable once the borrower become a client of Cohen
Commercial Equity and the Joint Venture Group.
The particular group of Providers and their investors who we work with have specialized in the system for over
20 years. The providers and investors are required by contract to participate in the program for a minimum of 5
years, so it is a well established system with reliable participants.

The “No Interest Loan Program” is one of the fastest systems for capital loans, using collateral from a third party
investor, because the investor provides collateral by means of a “deposit” to purchase a “Certificate of deposit”
(CD), the investor is called a “Depositor”. The end result of the transaction is the equivalent of an “interest free”
loan (from the point of view of the client) in most cases, where the Client repays only a discounted amount of
Capital, with minimal risk and maximum benefit to both the bank and the company.
The primary function of the structure is to procure collateral from a third party at a “discount”, and arrange for it
to be paid for by the Borrower Company from the loan funds at the time of closing.

The collateral program is for projects that require a long start up period before launching.
This program offers a deferment period ranging from 1-3 years. During the period of deferment, the
Borrower/Company does not have to pay any interest or minimum payments. This is true even if your project is
capable of repaying the loan (of any amount) in full within 3-4 years after launching.
The result of the structure is that Borrower receives a net amount of capital that it needs to implement its project
at a cost lower than a traditional loan, the Depositor receives immediate repayment of the collateral plus profits,
and the bank receives full collateral backing of the total principal amount of the loan.
The ability of the structure to reliably generate a “win-win-win” transaction for all participants is made possible
by the fact that the CD/MTN instrument used as collateral doubles in value over a 10 year period. This increase in
value from maturity of the CD/MTN makes it possible to provide real and tangible benefits for all parties to the

All other expense s related to structuring the loan and procuring the collateral are added to the amount of the
loan, to ensure that they are paid from the loan at closing.
Depositors are multinational corporations and consortium's of trusts and pension funds, which have billions of
dollars in liquid assets. They have contractual and legal obligations to make these funds work for maximum
profits. For such capital resources, direct investment in projects is too “high risk”, too “low return”, and too
much time to wait. Accordingly, they categorically refuse to finance actual projects or invest funds directly, as a
matter of principle and policy.

Instead, Depositors accomplish their goals through purchasing collateral for use in loan transactions. Within
about 24 hours, with no risk whatsoever, the Depositor receives 40% of its money back in “cash”, plus the
“interest certificates” of the CD/MTN as repayment of the other 60%, which Depositor then sells to a pre-arranged
“exit purchaser” for a profit.

Call Cohen Commercial Equity at 1-800-928-6154 for more information

Brokers and Loan Officers: We fund in 30-45 days and we pay a referral fee up to 2% of the funding amount.

                                              NEW                  PRIVATE PLACEMENT PROGRAM TRADE

Cohen Commercial Equity PRIVATE PLACEMENT PROGRAM TRADE Accepting Investment Collateral/Assets for
entry into European Primary Money Market PPP Trade Platform. Principle Trader is USA based - Authorized and
Licensed by International Regulatory Organizations. Principle Client must own Asset or Instrument. $3 Million
minimum to 100M to 500b+ unlimited investment contract size. If you or your Asset/Instrument are not "real" do
not waste our time - as we will find you out very quickly.

    Minimum Transactions...

-U.S. Funding- $3,000,000 USD
-Intnl. Funding- $10,000,000
-Capital Enhancement- $10,000,000
-International project finance min $10.B. max $50.B.

Are you seeking real funding solutions? You have a viable commercial project but can't get the finance or
funding? Let us help! We finance almost any type of commercial projects worldwide. Do it right the first time and
connect with trusted leaders in creative solutions online for project finance, development finance and all venture
capital requirements USA and worldwide. We have capital raising solutions accross the full spectrum of
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"When Banks say "No" we say "Yes"

Cohen Commercial Equity          Commercial  Joint Venture Funding

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A joint venture is a partnership
between a company that has a
project and an investor. The
company supplies the deal
and the management investor
supplies the money. The
percentages of ownership are
Why Mtn Trading
Programs Are Vital
In A Global

s it the dilapidation of the
economies of whole, or the
monotonous results so many are
experiencing in the global stock
markets; whatever the real
reasons, most high net worth
Investors, as well as hedge funds
and corporations, are becoming
more aware of the close-lipped
industry of Private Trade involving
Medium Term Notes, known as
MTNs or Mid-Term Notes.

As a plant welcomes the rising
sun, outstretching its leaves to the
expectant warmth, apparently
Private MTN Programs are doing
their part in welcoming their own
type of sanctuary and warmth for
the few fortunate Investors. When it
comes to Investors funds being
positioned for the safest and
highest rates of returns, they are
slowly discovering the little known
world referred to as Private Trade
(also known as Private Investment
Platforms, Private Platforms,
Private Trades, Private Trade
Opportunities, Private Investment
Opportunities, PPPs, PIPs, P3s,).

Most don't fully comprehend what a
Private Program actually is. So, to
answer this underlying request the
folklore will be squashed and by
the end of this article, you will
realize, these programs are quite
simple to understand, yet complex
in nature and a bit unorthodox.

A ubiquitous concern in this Private
world is that it appears to attract a
faction of disorders and a growing
level of fraudsters who prey on this
weakening economy to advance
their own motives. Fortunately, the
further education of Private
Programs is not in a trial and error
phase and has witnessed actual,
successful case studies to fall
back on.

There are many sites focusing on
Investor education in the areas of
Private Trades, MTN Trading, BGs,
CMOs as well as the leveraging of
financial instruments, realizes that
close to 100% of those who
believe they are in the Private
Trading business have never been
involved in a single successful
trade themselves. These are
"brokers" who extrapolate
information they have heard and
regurgitate it to unsuspecting
Investors without the depth of
knowledge or experience to
present the facts properly. It also
includes Investors who have been
led down a path of meandering
turns where the end is always,
"just out of reach". And for the very
fortunate few that actually do reach
a legitimate MTN trading platform,
many simply don't believe it to be
true and subsequently dismiss the
opportunity before them only to not
proceed obtaining returns they feel
is still out there - somewhere.

With this being the case, the
murkiness becomes more
concentrated, forbidding the sun to
show that Private Programs are
what they are, have been in
existence for decades in Western
European Financial Markets and
are available to only the fortunate
enough to be introduced to them
through reputable, viable
channels. Yet - simply because a
movie star desires to join a very
exclusive private country club, does
not automatically entitle them to
membership approval.

Following is an outline with regard
to how successful Trades begin
and how they function as a overall
program; yet again complex in
nature and highly unorthodox in

The first undying step is for the
Investor to complete appropriate
compliance documents and
substantiate the validity of their
assets with respect to their origins,
place of dwelling and history. At
this phase, it is discovered that
most assets that lead nowhere are
of non-cash qualities and or are
leased or rented funds, which
cannot be utilized for Trade. These
include certain types of bonds as
well as a plethora of financial
instruments that are either
fraudulent or have been issued
incorrectly or by means of
unethical origin.

Following a successful
submission package with cash
assets, the facilitation leg of the
platform begins their due diligence
to verify and validate the standing
of the client, in many cases a
corporation, as well as the origin
and availability of funds or other
assets. For liquid 'cash' investors
above $100 million (USD), this
process of verification usually
does not take longer than one to
two days as these investors take
precedence over those who carry
instruments or liquidity which falls
below this mark. For investors with
funds below $100 million (USD),
the experienced duration for
compliance to review, verify and
accept an investor into a Private
Trade is roughly a week from
received application. If accepted,
as in life, the higher priority is given
to those who have more to offer
and conversely, those with less to
offer must wait in line with an
empty cup awaiting the opportunity
to be filled.
JV CD/Collateral Overview:

Loan Amount: 3mm-500mm
LTV: 100% Equity Financing
Term: 1,3,5,15 Years
Points: 6-7
Property Types: All Property
types with 10-30% Equity gain
No Appraisal Required, BPO
Guaranteed Funding
Closing: 30-45 days
Prepay: None
Equity Split: 35-40%
Principal  names:
Company Name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
City    State   Zip
Loan Amount:
Refinance or Purchase
Approx. Net Worth:
Fico Score:
Down Payment:
Purchase Price:
Annual Property income:
Type of Property:
Property Value:
Plan for Repayment:
Why Joint Venture?

Most commercial real
estate lenders are
increasing their
underwriting requirements
and restricting the total
amount of leverage they will
allow on property. In
addition to reducing their
own loan-to-value
underwriting requirements,
mortgage lenders will not
allow secondary financing
to cover much of the capital
needed for an investment.
In other words, not only will
lenders lend less, they may
not allow subordinate
lenders to lend as much
either. Lenders will require
borrowers to have more
skin in the deal.

Investors may need
investment partners to
bridge capital shortfalls in
new acquisitions and in
refinancing or satisfying
requirements in existing
loans. Joint ventures are a
structure through which
such private capital can be
DISCLAIMER: Cohen Commercial Equity is not a Securities Dealer or Investment Advisor. Cohen Commercial Equity and Joint
Venture Provider is a Private Investor and Introductory services are provided to Client through various contacts that suit their
business needs at Client’s request. Cohen Commercial Equity does not provide any funding, bank instruments, bank guarantees or
other financial instruments. Because laws governing investments vary among the jurisdictions with regard to the requirements and
obligations of the investor and any broker or consultant involved, a careful review of your jurisdiction's laws.